Bismillah Kijiye – Nazim Ali – Code Blue

“Bismillah Kijiye” is indeed a song from the movie “Code Blue” released in 2019. Here are the details about the song:

Singer: “Bismillah Kijiye” is sung by , who is known for his soulful and devotional singing style.

Composition and : The song's composition is credited to Danish Alfaaz, while the lyrics are penned by Alakh Kumar. The song has a spiritual theme and invokes the divine blessings by reciting “Bismillah,” which means “In the name of Allah.”

Movie Context: “Code Blue” is a Bollywood drama film that addresses the issue of medical malpractice and the challenges faced by doctors and healthcare professionals. The song “Bismillah Kijiye” is likely featured in the film to add a spiritual or emotional element to the narrative.

Featuring Alok Nath: Alok Nath, a veteran actor known for his roles in Bollywood films, is mentioned as “featuring” in the song. However, it's important to note that featuring in a song usually implies that the actor has made a special appearance or has a presence in the music video rather than being the primary performer.