Hum Dono Yun Mile – Raajeev V Bhalla, Riya Duggal, Rashi Harmalkar – 14 Phere

“Hum Dono Yun Mile” is a beautiful romantic song from the Bollywood movie “14 Phere.” The song features soulful and melodious music that complements the romantic theme of the film. It is sung by , , and , three talented artists in the Indian music scene.

The of “Hum Dono Yun Mile” likely revolve around the theme of love and togetherness, as is common in romantic songs. The title can be translated to “We Both Met Like This,” suggesting a serendipitous meeting of two individuals in love.

“14 Phere” is a romantic comedy film that explores the concept of marriage and relationships. This song likely adds depth and emotion to the film's romantic storyline.

Hum Dono Yun Mile Lyrics

Oh Tere Bina Ye Life Adhuri
Tere Bina Kuch Na Jaroori
Tu Kahe To Working Se Chutti
Tu Kahe To Duniya Se Katti

Tu Din Mein Raat Chahe To
Kar Doon Andhere
Ab Jo Bhi Ho ek Tu Mere Liye
Aur Main Mere Liye

Hum Dono Yun Mile
Hum Dono Yun Mile

Thodi Mithi Si
Thodi Si Khati
Mast Wali Hmari Ye Jodi

Ho Gaya Dil Tere Liye Ye Ziddi
Tu Mera Bunty Aur Main Teri babli

Main Teri Life Ke Rang
Oadh Loon Sare
Ab Jo Bhi Ho Ek Tu Mere Liye
Aur Main Tere Liye

Hum Dono Yu Mile
Hmm Hum Dono Yun Mile

Hum Dono Yu Mile
Hum Dono Yun Mile

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