Maata Ka Jaagrata – Farhad Shamshuddin Samji – Laxmmi Bomb

“Maata Ka Jaagrata” is a Hindi song from the movie “Laxmii,” also known as “Laxmmi Bomb.” Here are the details about the song:

“Maata Ka Jaagrata” is a song featured in the film “Laxmii,” which stars Akshay Kumar and Kiara Advani in the lead roles.

Singer: The song is sung by . Farhad Samji is known for his work as a director and writer in the Indian film industry.

Music Composer: The music for “Maata Ka Jaagrata” is composed by , a well-known music composer and producer in the Bollywood industry.

: The lyrics of “Maata Ka Jaagrata” are written by Farhad Shamshuddin Samji, who is also the singer of the song.

Context: The song “Maata Ka Jaagrata” might be featured in the film to add a devotional touch or to contribute to the storytelling.