Mann Bharrya 2.0 – B Praak – Shershaah

Bollywood music has a profound ability to evoke emotions and tell stories that complement the narratives of films. One such powerful song is “Mann Bharrya 2.0,” sung by , from the critically acclaimed movie Shershaah. This song stands out for its soulful rendition and the poignant emotions it captures, resonating deeply with audiences.

The Singer: B Praak

B Praak, originally known as Pratik Bachan, is a well-renowned singer and music composer in the Indian music industry. He started his career in Punjabi music and soon became a household name with his distinct voice and emotive singing style. Known for his soulful ballads, B Praak has the unique ability to convey deep emotions through his music, making listeners feel every word he sings. His transition into Bollywood has been seamless, with hits like “Teri Mitti” from Kesari, which also showcased his powerful vocal prowess.

Musical Composition and Arrangement

“Mann Bharrya 2.0” is a reimagined version of B Praak's earlier hit song “Mann Bharrya.” The new version, composed by B Praak himself with by Jaani, retains the haunting melody of the original while adding fresh elements that align with the film's narrative. The song's composition is minimalist yet profoundly impactful, focusing on acoustic instruments like the piano and strings that create an intimate and melancholic atmosphere.

The arrangement is designed to highlight B Praak's voice, which carries the weight of the song's emotional core. The use of subtle harmonies and orchestral swells enhances the depth of the music without overshadowing the vocal performance. The simplicity of the composition allows the listener to fully immerse in the lyrics and the emotions they evoke.

Lyrics and Theme

The lyrics of “Mann Bharrya 2.0” are penned by Jaani, a frequent collaborator with B Praak. Jaani's writing is known for its heartfelt and relatable expressions of love, loss, and longing, and this song is no exception. The lyrics speak of deep sorrow and unfulfilled love, capturing the essence of the movie's emotional landscape.

The theme of the song aligns perfectly with Shershaah, a biographical war film that tells the story of Captain Vikram Batra, a celebrated Indian Army officer who was posthumously awarded the Param Vir Chakra for his valor during the Kargil War. The song “Mann Bharrya 2.0” is used in a pivotal moment in the film, adding an emotional depth to the narrative. It serves as a tribute to the love and sacrifices of the soldiers and their families, making the audience feel the gravity of their experiences.

Visual Representation and Impact

The music video for “Mann Bharrya 2.0” features scenes from Shershaah, starring Sidharth Malhotra as Captain Vikram Batra and Kiara Advani as Dimple Cheema, his love interest. The visuals are a montage of poignant moments from the film, including scenes of love, separation, and the battlefield. These images, combined with the soulful music, create a powerful narrative that enhances the song's emotional impact.

Sidharth Malhotra's portrayal of Vikram Batra and Kiara Advani's depiction of Dimple Cheema add authenticity and depth to the video. Their on-screen chemistry and the intensity of their performances resonate with the audience, making the song even more compelling. The video effectively uses the visual language of cinema to convey the song's themes of love and loss, making it a memorable part of the film's experience.

Cultural Significance and Popularity

Since its release, “Mann Bharrya 2.0” has received widespread acclaim for its emotional depth and B Praak's heartfelt rendition. The song has become popular not only among fans of the movie but also among listeners who appreciate soulful and poignant music. Its success highlights the enduring appeal of songs that speak to universal emotions and experiences.

The song also underscores the important role of music in Bollywood films, where songs are often integral to the storytelling process. In the case of Shershaah, “Mann Bharrya 2.0” is not just a musical piece but a narrative tool that deepens the audience's connection to the characters and their journey. It exemplifies how music can elevate a film, adding layers of meaning and emotion that enhance the overall impact.


“Mann Bharrya 2.0” from Shershaah is a poignant and soulful song that captures the essence of love and loss. Sung by the exceptionally talented B Praak, the song stands out for its emotive composition and heartfelt lyrics. It plays a crucial role in the film, adding emotional depth and resonating with audiences on a profound level.

The song is a testament to the power of music in storytelling, demonstrating how a well-crafted song can enhance the narrative of a film and create a lasting impact on its audience. “Mann Bharrya 2.0” is not just a song; it is an emotional journey that honors the sacrifices of soldiers and their loved ones, making it a significant and memorable part of Bollywood's musical legacy.

Mann Bharrya 2.0 Lyrics

Ve Methon Tera Mann Bharrya
Mann Bharrya Badal Gaya Sara
Ve Tu Mainu Chad Jana
Gallan Teriyan Ton Lagda Ae Yaara
Ve Methon Tera Mann Bharrya

Mann Bhareya Badal Gaya Sara
Ve Tu Mainu Chad Jana
Gallan Teriyan Ton Lagda Ae Yaara

Gall Gall Te Shak Karden
Aitbar Zara Vi Nahi
Hunn Teriyan Akhiyan Ch
Mere Layi Pyaar Zara Vi Nahi

Mera Te Koi Hai Ni Tere Bin
Tainu Mil Jaana Kise Da Sahara
Ve Tu Mainu Chad Jana
Gallan Teriyan Ton Lagda Ae Yaara

Kash Aisa Ho Sakda
Rab De Pairi Pai Jandi
Teri Jagah Pe Jaani
Maut Mainu Le Jandi

Jo Tu Na Mila Manenge
Wo Dehleez Nahi Hoti
Rab Naam Ki Yaara
Yahan Koi Cheej Nahi Hoti

Ho Rab Ohnu Kho Lainde
Jehda Hove Ohnu Jaan Ton Pyara
Ve Tu Mainu Chad Jana
Gallan Teriyan Ton Lagda Ae Yaara

Tu Sab Jaanda Aen
Main Chadd Ni Sakdi Tainu
Taan Hi Taan Unglan Te
Roj Nachaune Mainu

Tu Sab Jaanda Aen
Main Chadd Ni Sakdi Tainu
Teri Yaad Ne Unglan Te
Roj Nachaune Mainu

Agle Janam Vich Allah
Aisa Khel Racha Ke Bheje
Mainu Tu Bana Ke Bheje
Tainu Main Bana Ke Bheje
v Haye Ikko Hundi Ae Ve Zindagi
Tu Milna Ni Mainu Ve Dobara
Ve Tu Mainu Chad Jana
Gallan Teriyan Ton Lagda Ae Yaara
Ve Methon Tera Mann Bharrya

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