Phuljhadiyon – Shilpa Rao – Mimi

“Phuljhadiyon” is a beautiful song from the Bollywood movie “Mimi.” The song is sung by the talented . It is known for its melodious and soulful tune. The music for this song is composed by the renowned musician A.R. Rahman, and the are penned by Amitabh Bhattacharya.

The song “Phuljhadiyon” is featured in the film “Mimi” and is likely to play a significant role in the movie's narrative or emotional moments.

Phuljhadiyon Lyrics

Phuljhadiyon Arri Phuljhadiyon
Kasam Se Hua Re Haal Tera Attpata

Pal Mein Shabnam Jaisi
Tu Phoolon Se Tapak Jaye Re
Pal Mein Chewing Gum Jaise
Masoodo Se Chipak Jaye Re

Phuljhadiyon Arri Phuljhadiyon
Dilo Ke Darwaje Aashte Se Khatkhata

Taajub Ka Saman Hai
Tu Phuljhadiyon
Hormonal Jawalamukhi
Tu Phuljhadiyon
Har Adda Teri Betuki

Phuljhadiyon Arri Phuljhadiyon
Yun Jal Bin Machli
Ki Tarah Na Chatpata

Share Bazar Ki Tarah Kyun
Para Ye Tera Chadhta Utarta Hai
Kabhi Tu Imli Ko Tarasti Hai
To Kabhi Dil Mirch Pe Marta Hai

Paro Hai Devdaas Ki
Tu Phuljhadiyon
Aur Kabhi Chandarmukhi
Tu Phuljhadiyon
Muskura Kyun Hai Dukhi

Phuljhadiyon Arre Phuljhadiyon
Kasam Se Hua Re Haal Tera Attpata

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