Mahi Mera Ranjha – Navraj Hans, Jonita Gandhi – The Girl On The Train

“Mahi Mera Ranjha” is a Hindi song from the movie “The Girl On The Train,” released in 2021. Here are the details about the song:

“Mahi Mera Ranjha” is a melodious and emotional track featured in the film “The Girl On The Train,” which stars in the lead role.

Singers: The song “Mahi Mera Ranjha” is sung by and . Navraj Hans is a talented playback singer, and Jonita Gandhi is known for her versatile singing style.

Music Composer: The music for “Mahi Mera Ranjha” is composed by .

: The lyrics of “Mahi Mera Ranjha” are penned by Kumaar.

Context: “Mahi Mera Ranjha” is likely featured in the film to convey emotions and sentiments associated with the storyline.

Featuring: The song features Parineeti Chopra, who is the lead actress of the movie.

Video Release: The music video of “Mahi Mera Ranjha” is released by Zee Music Company.

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