Matlabi Yariyan (Unplugged) – Parineeti Chopra – The Girl On The Train

“Matlabi Yariyan” (Unplugged) is a Hindi song from the movie “The Girl On The Train,” released in 2021. Here are the details about the song:

“Matlabi Yariyan” (Unplugged) is a soulful and emotive track featured in the film “The Girl On The Train,” which stars in the lead role.

Singer: The unplugged version of “Matlabi Yariyan” is sung by Parineeti Chopra herself. Parineeti Chopra, in addition to being an actress, has showcased her singing talent in various projects.

Music Composer: The music for “Matlabi Yariyan” (Unplugged) is composed by Vipin Patwa.

: The lyrics of “Matlabi Yariyan” (Unplugged) are penned by Kumaar.

Context: The unplugged version of “Matlabi Yariyan” is likely featured in the film to convey the emotional depth of the scene or moment it accompanies.